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A Solid Foundation
Some 35 years ago, two “twenty-something” brothers named McLaughlin – fueled by their passion for great style in good taste and flush with seed money from some ventures into historic Brooklyn brownstone renovations – decided to build a very different kind of house. The brothers’ dream was a clothing establishment designed to present their take on classic American sportswear and accessories in elegantly comfortable surroundings. And to make their version of Saturday shopping, they looked to site their first shop on a stretch of Manhattan’s Upper East Side that was home to a pair of “the post-Ivy League set’s” favorite watering holes

A Well-Bred Legacy
To distill their proprietary sense of style to its essence, the brothers McLaughlin tapped into the zeitgeist of America’s golden eras from the Jazz Age to Camelot. Focusing their vision on a rich tapestry of iconic American classics. And re-imagining the fundamentals to create a look (and brand) uniquely their own…

Tradition Tweaked
The J.McLaughlin design ethos is rooted in tradition, yet always current and reflective of how the customer lives and travels today. The resulting look is more about style than fashion: straightforward, unpretentious, devoid of the superfluous. Silhouettes are timeless with a certain sense of the familiar albeit nuanced with a keen attention to fit and detail. Quality of material and workmanship is paramount as is the assurance of good value and good taste. Confidently understated, the only visible logo is the customer’s initials if he or she chooses to monogram.

A Particular Point of View
Color (in multiples) is key. The palette is grounded by trademark J.McLaughlin blue with its complements filtered through a very particular lens. Pattern (be it print, embroidered or woven) is equally sophisticated with signature J.McLaughlin character: influenced by the past, yet refreshed with a keen eye for proportion… and an occasional healthy dollop of wit.

A Sense of Place
The J.McLaughlin sensibility is influenced by where our customer lives and/or plays. And our stores are located and designed with that in mind. Be it on Madison Avenue or Main Street, each store makes its presence known with a whisper not a shout. Residential in feel and reflective of the surroundings, the stores evoke a comfortable sense of always having been there. While at the same time, their inimitable bespoke (no two stores are alike) décor encourages our customers to linger awhile and browse. That same sense of familiarity and invitation to spend some time exploring extends to J.McLaughlin.com

1619 W. Snow Ave, Tampa, FL 33606 View Directory Map
Mon–Sat 10 AM to 8 PM
Sun 12 to 5 PM

In-Store Sales & Events:

Nicola Sleeveless Dress in Bangle Stripe

Nicola Sleeveless Dress in Bangle Stripe at J.McLaughlin

Sweeping boat-neck and bias-striped print layers give this sleeveless dress an ultra-flattering fit and distinctly modern edge. You'll get noticed for making a bold statement, and you'll love it for the functionality, comfort, and travel-ease of our beloved Catalina Cloth. Stop by and shop.

Expires: March 23, 2017

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Skyler Cashmere Wrap in Color Block

Skyler Cashmere Wrap in Color Block at J.McLaughlin

Colorblocking adds a fun element to our whisperweight cashmere wrap. Stop by and shop in store today.

Expires: April 1, 2017

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Cecil Embroidered Blouse

Cecil Embroidered Blouse at J.McLaughlin

A getaway-inspired blouse crafted with embroidery, delicate pintucking and of course tassels. Wear with everything from shorts to swimsuits. Stop by and shop.

Expires: April 2, 2017

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