Executive Chef

May 24  |  Timpanos


Timpano Tampa

Savor the high life at Timpano, where big red wines and tall martinis meet steaks, chops, seafood, and freshly made pasta amidst white tablecloth service and live music in the dining room or on the patio.


The Executive Chef has overall responsibility for culinary operations and identifies priorities for each shift focusing on food quality, cleanliness, sanitation, and running a smooth shift. The Executive Chef builds sales and profits through their behavior, delivering on promises to our team members, Guests, Vendors, and our community. The Executive Chef manages costs, builds Team Membership, and maintains accountability for achieving success in these areas.


Essential Functions Statement(s)

  • Understands company goals and objectives for providing outstanding guest service and accomplishes those goals through effective communications, training, coaching, and education.
  • Able to take ownership of the business and make sound decisions.
  • Meet with guests to plan menus for special occasions to ensure a fantastic Guest Experience.
  • Assist in implementing new kitchen strategies and action plans.
  • Create a manager schedule for the Sous Chefs to ensure that the restaurant is staffed correctly.
  • Conduct interviews following proper hiring and selection procedures.
  • Train Sous Chefs in all Executive Chef Duties such as inventory, placing orders, scheduling, menu development, controlling costs, and providing coaching and verbal feedback to develop skills and to promote career development.
  • Train and monitor Team Member’s performance to ensure proper food preparation, sanitation, and safety procedures are executed.
  • Work all stations in Culinary to assist Team Members during peak times and to maintain service and quality standards.
  • Meet with General Manager to address any opportunities, review sales, and financial data, and respond proactively to any needs that have arisen.
  • Create, cost, and prepare daily specials.
  • Track menu item sales using reporting.
  • Communicate daily specials, shift priorities, and daily productions to all Team Members to ensure they are prepared and set up for success.
  • Adhere to alcohol awareness procedures.
  • Set up the kitchen with tools, preparation sheets, and materials to ensure the Team Members have the tools needed to prepare fantastic and safe food.
  • Conduct line checks by inspecting, touching, and tasting food items to ensure freshness, proper temperature, and storage, and recipe adherence.
  • Monitor ticket times and calling for food runners to ensure food is prepared and served in a timely fashion.
  • Delegate closing duties, cleaning duties, and maintenance duties to ensure all closing tasks are accounted for to prepare for the next day’s operations.
  • Inspect, count, and perform inventory levels of walk-ins, freezers, prep areas, coolers, and dry storage.
  • Monitor and control food, beverage, and labor costs using established methods to meet goals for the restaurant.
  • Ensure the delivery area is clean and safe to receive deliveries.
  • Monitor and evaluate products and services provided by vendors to ensure adherence to Tavistock’s standards.
  • Attend training modules for ongoing development.
  • Perform additional duties as required.


Education: High school diploma or equivalency required.

Experience: 2 years of prior culinary leadership experience as a Sous or Exec Sous Chef, 4 years of food preparation experience.

Computer Skills: N/A

Certificates & Licenses: N/A

Other Requirements: Able to fluently communicate (speak, read, and write) in English

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