Britt Ford Gallery – Now Open

Britt Ford Gallery is a pop up art gallery featuring the works of artist Britt Ford. Britt specializes in thermographic embossed artwork, murals and design. The gallery not only showcases her original artwork but includes prints, home décor and gifts.

Since 2015, Britt Ford has been mastering her method of thermographic embossed artwork. Utilizing the rare medium of thermographic embossing like no other has done before, Britt is pioneering the next step through a new method.

Inspired by her surroundings, Britt wanted to incorporate what she loved, into larger spatial surroundings.

Britt’s art starts from her desire to show others what she has uncovered and finds truly beautiful and create an irreplaceable masterpiece. Britt has created thousands of personalized unique treasures for clients. Britt specializes in thermographic embossed paintings and large-scale hand painted murals.

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