Ella Bing

The Kraus family proudly owns and manages The ELLA BING Haberdashery, a classic men’s accessories store in the Tampa Bay area. Their staple wooden bow ties are handcrafted by Mr. Kraus while most cloth accessories like bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares, are sewn by Mrs. Kraus. When you visit the haberdashery, you will likely meet Brent Kraus who is the primary men’s stylist challenging clients to try classic or bold styles for their next look. ELLA BING partners with other local and national artisans to provide a variety of products to accessorize from head to toe.

ELLA BING was created because the owners once had a very special person in their lives that wasn’t afraid to rock a bow tie, day or night, in any social situation. If alive today, Matthew would be their model gentlemen, with the capability to exude the proper swagger, intellect, and class required to sport a bow tie. They hope to pass his passion for fashion and bow ties along to you.
ELLA BING is a proud corporate sponsor of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, supporting suicide prevention & awareness in the community.

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