Storefront Stories

Jun 24 / Community + Events

Behind every storefront, there’s a story.

Think about the local shops and restaurants you’ve missed most – the places and people that have become part of your life. Like the barista who knows you by name. The restaurant where you celebrate every family birthday. The boutique owner who always has time to chat and give treats to your dog. These businesses are what make Hyde Park Village feel like home, and the sense of connection they bring feels more valuable than ever.

Now, as they reopen their doors, we’re highlighting some of our neighbors through a new series, #storefrontstories. Through photos and interviews, we’re showcasing and celebrating the people behind the businesses you love, who have persevered through uncertain times and continue to make Hyde Park Village so special.

Watch the stories unfold on Instagram and get excited to return to your favorites. Want to see a certain business featured? Let us know!

Hyde House

Watch our 10 Questions with Hyde House

Peyton, Co-Owner of Hyde House

Q: How do you start your day?
A: Email, Instagram, and a hot tea.

Q: What artist inspires you?
A: Gregory Siff, who painted the mural in our entry inspires me because he brings so much of the community into his work.

Q: What three words would you use to describe Hyde House?
A: Community, Collaboration, Curation.

Q: What’s something we may not know about Hyde House?
A: We do a lot of events: weddings, baby showers, corporate events – we even have our own test kitchen.

Q: Your favorite spot to collaborate with a small group?
A: I like to use our booths. A lot of times people call them “Gucci Booths” because they have Gucci wallpaper.

Q: Your favorite spot for a bigger group?
A: I like to use our auditorium because it holds a lot of people, but as you can see, we have lots of space.

Q: Favorite quite spot?
A: Shhh the Library

Q: What is Hyde House’s best kept secret for creatives?
A: Our Swann Studio. We have grass for yoga and a cyclorama wall for photo shoots.

Q: When you’re not at Hyde House, what’s your favorite place to be in Hyde Park Village?
A: At On Swann eating the Hot Chicken.

Q: Any other secrets you want to share?
A: I think our veranda is one of the best kept secrets in Hyde Park Village. Come check us out!