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Our Story

Traditional, with a twist.

It started with a neighborhood – one of Tampa’s most historic, in fact. With its stately homes, 19th century architecture and tree lined streets, there’s really nothing else quite like Hyde Park in our city. And we believed that a place this stunning and special deserved a shopping, dining and strolling- on-a-perfect-sunny-day destination to match.

Preserving the character and personality of Hyde Park’s past is always a top priority, but as Tampa began to transform, we knew that the Village needed to evolve as well, reflecting the current tastes and contemporary style of the city, without losing the history we’re proud to be a part of.

Today, Hyde Park Village offers an experience that’s truly unmatched in Tampa, and we can’t wait for you to come explore.

Hyde Park History

We’ve come a long way, baby. Join us for a quick virtual stroll down memory lane.


The Neighborhood

On February 13, 1886, O.H. Platt of Hyde Park, III. subdivided 20 acres and named it after his hometown. The Hyde Park neighborhood was born, and by the early 1900s, it would become the most desirable neighborhoods in Tampa.


The Fountain

Fast forward 100 years or so, and Hyde Park is still one of Tampa’s top residential neighborhoods. It’s also home to Hyde Park Village. This year, the property’s now iconic fountain is constructed in Village Circle.


The Next Chapter

Hyde Park Village is acquired by WS Development. With a knack for infusing art into properties and creating vibrant community spaces, WS sets out to bring new energy and a modern spirit to this Tampa classic.


Art on Property

Beginning in 2015, Hyde Park Village began commissioning works from international and local artists. Since then, Artists Mateu Velasco, Ales Bask, Tes One and Chad Mize have created art on the property, further enhancing Hyde Park Village’s unique, scenic atmosphere.


A Fresh Look

During this period, Hyde Park Village embarked on a beautification project designed to revitalize the historic property and add even more charm and character to this beloved community hub. Improvements included refreshed building facades, on-street parking, new trees and plantings and inviting outdoor seating areas.


Snow Avenue Building

As the city continues to evolve, Hyde Park Village keeps pace. Construction on the Snow Avenue building concludes, creating a modern home for some of the establishments that best represent the style and attitude of Tampa today, including Meat Market, Sunni Spencer, Bonobos, Madewell, SoulCycle and Hyde House.