Sesame (Now Open)

Sesame is your local go-to-bagel shop serving the most delicious assortment of authentic, Long Island bagels, baked fresh daily. We offer an assortment of flavors and sandwiches to satisfy any craving for breakfast or a late lunch. Our unique spreads come in over ten different flavors and are crafted in-house. From our famous Cookie Monster cream cheese made with Oreo cookies, to our Jalapeño cream cheese made with flambé jalapeños, you’re certain to find the perfect pairing. If you’re looking for something a little heartier, try any of our sandwiches like The Long Island or our Pizza Bagel. We also offer fresh brew, espresso, cappuccino, juice, tea or coffee. Stop by in the morning or afternoon for our all-day menu of bagelicious options. #opensesame

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